Tesla’s Giga Shanghai wants to hire hundreds as Model Y production nears

In the Q2 2020 earnings report last month, Tesla confirmed construction of the second phase at Giga Shanghai, which includes the Model Y production line, is on schedule and proceeding as planned.

A month before the report was published, the automaker opened reservations for the Model Y in China, with Tesla’s Design Studio showing the electric SUV will begin deliveries in early 2021.

As production nears, Tesla has begun publishing job postings looking for hundreds of employees to build the Model Y at Giga Shanghai.

The job postings are for positions in many different departments, including 600 for stamping, bodywork, and painting according to Reuters.

Other areas of Giga Shanghai that are hiring include postings for over 600 operators for various stages of production. Adding them all up, the Tesla’s factory in China is hoping to hire nearly 1,000 people.

Tesla’s has a track record of late in delivering products early, like the Model Y arriving six months ahead of schedule in the US. Given the huge hiring spree currently underway, it would be surprise of production of the Model Y in China began ahead of schedule.

Pricing of the made-in-China Model Y will be almost $20,000 CAD higher compared to Canada. The Long Range starts at ¥488,000 ($92,700 CAD), while the Performance starts at ¥535,000 ($101,600 CAD).

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