Tesla opens up pre-orders for the made in China Model Y

With the construction of the Model Y production line at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai factory still underway, customers can now pre-order the electric SUV on Tesla’s website.

According to Tesla’s Design Studio, the made-in-China Model Y will begin deliveries in early 2021. If you want to reserve one of the first units off the new production line, you have to pick between the Long Range (LR) or Performance versions, much like the current offerings in North America.

The pricing of the Model Y in China will be almost $20,000 CAD higher compared to the pricing here in Canada. The Long Range starts at ¥488,000 ($92,700 CAD), while the Performance starts at ¥535,000 ($101,600 CAD).

Surprisingly, the range on the LR Model Y on the WTLP rating schedule is almost the exact same as the EPA rating in North America, 505km in China vs the EPA estimate of 509km.

Tesla has been quickly working to expand Giga Shanghai with the construction of phase two. Drive Tesla Canada recently reported on the massive expansion, showing that a number of the buildings already have walls and roofs going up. With the Tesla China website opening up reservations for the Model Y, that’s a good sign that plans are on track for an early 2021 release of the Model Y in China.

In case you hadn’t heard, we also reported earlier this week that the first deliveries of the Model Y in Canada will begin this month in Vancouver.

Giga Shanghai Phase 2 construction

h/t [Tesmanian]

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