Tesla removes estimated delivery dates for Performance Model Y in North America

In an unusual move Tesla has quietly removed the estimated delivery dates for the Performance variant of the Model Y in North America.

Until recently, the online Design Studio for Canada, the US, and Mexico were all showing estimated delivery dates of between 5-9 weeks.

Usually Tesla simply updates the estimated delivery dates to show a longer wait time if necessary, like we saw recently with up to a 11-week wait for the Model 3 at the beginning of the quarter.

Tesla Model Y delivery date 5 9 weeks

Instead of doing the same for the Performance Model Y, Tesla has simply removed it altogether.

Initial speculation as to the reason for the move is in relation to the  tires. Rumours have been suggested is that the Fremont facility has run out of the 21″ Pirelli P Zero summer tires that come stock on the Performance Model Y.

Another suggested rumour is that Tesla is unable to deliver the Model Y with the summer (not all-weather) tires now that we’re heading into winter. This is less likely as the change also appears to impact the southern US and Mexico.

In speaking with people with have placed an order in the last few weeks, they are still being told to expect a delivery by the end of November. We have not been able to get in touch with someone in the last few days since the dates were removed to see if that is still the case.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ordered recently, and have been given an estimated delivery date.

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