Tesla removes tow hitch from Model Y Design Studio in US, still available in Canada [Update]

Tesla has quietly removed the tow hitch from the online configurator for the Model Y in the US, making it only available for purchase after delivery.

UPDATE: Tesla has added the tow hitch back to the Design Studio. But we did notice a slight change to the design of the tow hitch cover.

When the Model Y first launched, everyone was expecting it come with a tow hitch. The option was only added a few months later, where customers could select to add it during their order, or purchase it later from the Tesla Shop.

It was also a little more expensive to purchase it after delivery. It was priced at $1,000 USD ($1,300 CAD) on the Design Studio, but $1,200 USD ($1,650 CAD) from the online store.

Now Model Y buyers in the US will only be able to purchase it after delivery (via u/Roisen on Reddit). The optional tow package is still available on the Design Studio in Canada, as seen in the image below.

Model Y tow hitch

According to the Reddit user, a local Service Center confirmed the removal saying it can be ordered and shipped to be installed prior to delivery. While ending up with essentially the same result, it is more of a hassle and also more expensive than before.

The Model Y tow package had a confusing debut. At first the specifications stated differing tow limits depending on the size of the wheels. The 20″ Induction wheels was only rated to tow 2,300lbs, compared to the 19″ and 21″ wheels which had a 3,500lb tow rating.

Tesla corrected that a few days later, saying all Model Y’s regardless of wheel size could tow up to 3,500lbs.

We’ll keep you updated and let you know if it disappears for Canadians as well.

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