Detailed look at the new Tesla Model Y factory-installed tow hitch

When Tesla first released the Model Y in March, they surprised many people by not including a tow hitch as an option.

That was corrected within a month, after Tesla added the $1,300 CAD ($1,000 USD) accessory to the online Design Studio.

Now that the first Model Y’s equipped with the new factory-installed tow hitch have started hitting the road, we get a detailed look at it thanks for Twitter user @Microfrost_.

To start off, the manual still says the Model Y is not equipped with towing, so expect that to change soon. The “Additional Vehicle Information” menu does correctly show the tow package as included.

When the manual does update, it will show that the Model Y has a class 2 tow hitch with a towing capacity of 3,500lb, and a maximum tongue weight of 350lbs, as seen on the sticker inside the rear bumper. Tesla has already announced these numbers on the Design Studio.

Tesla Model Y tow hitch sticker

The 2″ receiver has 12.5″ of ground clearance, with the safety chain attachment points sitting above the receiver due to the placement of the rear bumper. It looks like it could be a tight fit attaching the safety chains.

The cover that hides the hitch when not in use is secured in place by 15 clips. In hearing comments from early Model Y owners who removed the panel to see what was behind there, it can be difficult to remove. It also appears from the image that if you’re not careful, you can potentially scratch the rear bumper when removing the cover.

Tesla Model Y tow hitch cover

Unfortunately, unlike the Model X tow package, the Model Y does not come equipped with a trailer brake control harness.

There are already some aftermarket tow hitch options which can be bought for less than factory-installed hitch. If you’re handy enough, you can also install it yourself and save even more money.

Will you be buying your Model Y with the optional tow hitch? Let us know in the comments below.

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