In two months Tesla Model Y delivery wait times have slipped from January to September

Tesla has said they expect the Model Y to become the world’s best-selling car. Based on the demand for the electric SUV in North America, it appears to be more a matter of when that will happen rather than if.

In late September Drive Tesla reported that delivery wait times for the Long Range (LR) Model Y had slipped to April 2022. Just two weeks prior the estimated delivery dates were showing as January.

As we enter November, customers placing an order today for the entry-level variant of the electric SUV might have to wait all the way until September 2022 to receive their new cars.

The date is visible for orders in both Canada and the United States.

Model Y Sept 2022

Orders for the Performance variant are a different story, with the online configurator estimating delivery dates of next month, December 2021.

Entire Tesla lineup gets fresh round of price increases in Canada and US [Update]

If you aren’t quite ready to shell out the extra money for the Performance Model Y, you can improve your wait time on the LR variant by selecting the optional 20″ Induction wheels.

By doing so your delivery date drops to June instead of September.

To help push customers to the optional wheels to avoid a long wait, Tesla recently updated the Design Studio to default to the $2,600 CAD/$2,000 USD Induction wheels.

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