Tesla Model Y joins Yellow Cab fleet in Vancouver

Model Y Yellow cab Vancouver
Credit: Jeff Walker

The appeal of using Teslas as a taxi is catching on. A Model Y has joined the fleet of Yellow Cabs in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The bright yellow Model Y was spotted on the streets of Vancouver this week sporting the 19″ Gemini wheels indicating it is a Long Range (LR) variant of the electric SUV.

Model Y Yellow cab Vancouver
Credit: Jeff Walker

This is at least the second Tesla Yellow Cab in Vancouver. Long-time taxi-operator Shaminder Rattan switched to electric and purchased a Model 3 last year.

Not only was it a more enjoyable car to drive, it was also saving Rattan as much as $600 a month in gas costs alone.

When you consider the lower costs of maintenance and repairs, resulting in less downtime and more time accepting fares, the higher upfront cost of a Tesla is quickly offset.

British Columbia is home to several Tesla taxis. Current Taxi operates an entire fleet of Tesla cars in Kelowna. The company was also operating in Victoria, but had to stop operations after the COVID-19 pandemic made the venture unsustainable.

The company says they hope to return to B.C.’s capital city soon.

First Tesla Yellow Cab now operating in Vancouver

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