Tesla updates windshield wipers to add new nozzle on recent Model Y builds [Update]

Along with removing the radar from recently built vehicles, Tesla has also made another change to the Model Y by adding a new feature to the windshield wipers.

The change was spotted by YouTuber DÆrik while reviewing a radar-less Model Y built after April 27, 2021. After turning on the wipers and washer fluid, he noticed a new nozzle has been added that sprays in three different directions.

This new nozzle is in addition to the existing one that have not been removed.

During a demonstration of the new wipers, we can see the new nozzle at the lower end of the wiper arm solves a common complaint among Tesla owners. The bottom corner of the windshield now gets enough spray to leave it perfectly clean after just one swipe.

Model Y wipers spot
Image via DÆrik /YouTube

It could be that Tesla added this new nozzle to solve this problem, but it could also have been added for another reason.

Early tests of Tesla Vision Autopilot show the new system has some interesting behaviours. Just like disabling the ability to turn off wipers when Autopilot is engaged, the new nozzle could have been added to keep the windshield cleaner so the cameras can reliably see the surroundings.

UPDATE: It appears this change has also made its way to Giga Shanghai, as a recently delivered Model 3 in Europe also has the new nozzle.

You can check out the full review below. The wiper section begins at 1:50.


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