Tesla Model Y hits existing inventory in Canada

Almost six months to the day after the Model Y was released in Canada, the electric SUV can now be purchased from the ‘Existing Inventory’ section of Tesla’s website.

If you live in and around Vancouver, there are currently four 2020 Model Y’s available for purchase that have been previously used as demo and test drive vehicles. Even so, they haven’t been driven much, with one having just 289km on the odometer, while the highest mileage Model Y in Vancouver has clocked 2,719km.

If you live in Alberta, the Calgary location has a Performance Model Y available with 7,102km on the odometer. Toronto has 8, while Montreal and Ottawa have 3 used Model Y’s available with mileage ranging from just a few hundred to several thousand.

Used Model Y Ottawa Montreal

If you’re willing to purchase one, you can save quite a bit of money. The Performance Model Y in Calgary with over 7,000km is priced $4,750 lower than when purchasing new. Even units with lower mileage, like the Midnight Silver Metallic Long Range Model Y in Montreal with 418km is priced $4,160 lower than what is shown on the Design Studio.

Keep in mind these units will likely not have the newer features like auto-dimming side mirrors, glovebox USB, and maybe even a heated steering wheel. But if you don’t care about those features, there could be some good buys out there.

If you want to buy one and get 1,500km of free Supercharging, you can purchase using this link.

Tesla also just added a large number of refresh 2021 Model 3’s to its website, as the company tries to get as many cars out the door as possible in 2020.

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