Large numbers of ‘existing inventory’ 2021 Tesla Model 3’s available in Canada [Update]

If you’re looking to purchase a new 2021 Tesla Model 3 and really want to take delivery before the end of the year (Christmas is coming), you could be in luck depending on where you live in Canada.

According to the ‘Existing Inventory’ section of Tesla’s website, there are currently nearly 70 refresh Model 3’s available for purchase as of the time of publication.

The best chance of snagging a new Model 3 is if you live on Ontario or Quebec as there are 65 units available between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. The available inventory includes all variants, Standard Range Plus (SR+), Long Range (LR), and Performance.

In Vancouver, there are just 3 units available, one SR+ and two LR variants. As of the time of publication there are no 2021 Model 3’s available in Calgary.

Tesla Model 3 Vancouver inventory


If you do buy from the existing inventory, you will also be saving a little money on the purchase price. The most money will be saved on the Performance and LR Model 3’s, some of which are priced $1,390 lower than the Design Studio. The savings are significantly less on the SR+ as they all appear to be priced just $90 lower.

Update: We were able to find a SR+ also priced $1,390 lower, so that appears to be the maximum discount right now for all variants.

Along with these Model 3’s, Tesla has also now added the Model Y to its existing inventory.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be buying one of these existing inventory Model 3’s. If you do, purchase using this link and receive 1,500km of free Supercharging.

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