Tesla now sells the Model 3 All Weather Protection Kit on their website, as well as a new PPF kit

Last year Tesla began offering a set of mud flaps free of charge to all Canadian Model 3 owners, except for some reason owners in British Columbia.

At the time, the kit only included two mud flaps for the front two wheels, and they came in two different sizes. Early reviews were mixed, as it appeared they had a design flaw where mud and debris could be caught between the mud flap and the car, causing more damage than protecting the vehicle.

Now Tesla has added two versions of the ‘All Weather Protection Kit’ to its website for anyone to purchase.

All Weather Protection Kit

The first kind is the set of two mud flaps we just talked about, which can be purchased for $70 CAD ($50 USD). It is unknown if Tesla is going to continue offering these to existing owners for free, now that they are available for purchase. If anyone has recent experience with this, let us know in the comments below.

We still recommend purchasing an aftermarket set of mud flaps, as they are cheaper than the Tesla version, and the kits include coverage for all four wheels. Drive Tesla Canada recommends this set from Amazon.

Paint Protection Film Kit

The second version, which is new, is a Paint Protection Film (PPF) Kit, also available for $70 CAD ($50 USD). The kit includes pre-cut PPF for the rear fenders in front of the rear wheels, as seen in the picture below, and a squeegee to install.

Tesla Model 3 PPF protection kit

From the image, the PPF appears to stick out like a sore thumb, but that is likely to only show where exactly on the vehicle the PPF will go. Once on your vehicle it will likely be invisible, as with any PPF application.

Tesla does provide step-by-step installation instructions for the mud flaps, but has yet to update the page with any instructions for how to apply the PPF kit.

Will you be purchasing the All Weather Protection Kit or the Paint Protection Film Kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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