Tesla Model Y set to arrive in Mexico soon as estimated delivery dates get added

The Tesla Model Y was first launched in the US in March, six months ahead of its original schedule.

Then just last month, the first international delivery took place right here in Canada, in Vancouver on June 9, 2020.

Now the next international market set to officially receive the Model Y appears to be Mexico, as Tesla has recently updated their website to include estimated delivery dates.

According to the Tesla Design Studio, both the Long Range (LR) and Performance Model Y are set to have their first deliveries in Mexico within 8-10 weeks.

Model Y Mexico


In Mexico, both the LR and Performance versions are priced quite closely to what we have to pay in Canada.

The LR Model Y starts at $1,178,300 MXN, which converts to around $71,300 CAD. The Performance version starts at $1,441,300 MXN ($87,200 CAD).

While the first customer deliveries are getting closer, the Model Y has already made its way to Mexico for customer viewings. We shared the very first photos of this Long Range Model Y in Nuevo León last month on Twitter.

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