Tesla Model Y now includes PPF and mud flaps in select markets [Update]

In a move that will make future Model Y owners happy and current owners likely a little upset, Tesla is now including paint protection film (PPF) and mud flaps as standard on newly built Model Y’s.

UPDATE: Since publishing this story we have learned from a source that Tesla is testing the installation of PPF and mud flaps in select markets only. As a result, your new Model Y might have both PPF and mud flaps, or one or the other, or neither. We do not know which markets this testing is taking place in, so if you have pre-ordered these products before receiving your Model Y, don’t get rid of them just yet. Be sure to let us know where you are located if you have received either of the new products with your new car.

The paint quality on Tesla vehicles has been a point of discussion for many years. When the Model Y was released last year, owners quickly found that the rockers, and in particular the area in front of the rear wheels, was easily susceptible to paint damage.

Even after driving on normal (non-gravel) roads, these areas can accumulate hundreds of small paint chips, otherwise known as sandblasting.

To help avoid the issue, both mud flaps and later a PPF kit were added to the Tesla Shop. Now a little more than a year after the first deliveries, Tesla is including both on recently built Model Y’s.

A lucky Drive Tesla reader took delivery of his new Model Y yesterday in Ontario and was surprised to find both on his vehicle. When he asked his Delivery Advisor about it, he was told they are now included on all cars made in the second quarter and onwards.

Interestingly only one of the new items only seems to be included on US deliveries. Kyle Kropf also took delivery of his Model Y yesterday in Olathe, Kansas, but only had the PPF installed.

Model Y ppf Image via Kyle Kropf /Facebook

Tesla still offers both of these products on the Tesla Shop. Hopefully they make both available to existing owners for free, similar to what they did with the Model 3 All Weather Protection Kit for owners in Canada, before later expanding it to other regions.

Let us know in the comments below if your recently delivered Model Y also has PPF and mud flaps.

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