Tesla to provide new and existing Canadian Model 3 owners with mud flaps in new All Weather Protection Kit

One of the more popular accessories for Canadian Tesla owners right now as we head into the winter season are mud flaps/splash guards. Now it appears Tesla will be providing an all weather protection kit to Canadian owners free of charge (except in BC).

According to an internal service bulletin from Tesla, the all-weather protection kit will help Canadian owners protect their vehicles from paint chips that can occur from heavy salt, sand, or gravel that is used to improve road conditions in winter weather.

The kit will reportedly be supplied to all new and existing Model 3 owners and will include 2 front mud flaps (no rears) of different sizes, with installation hardware that can be easily self-installed. Depending on your local delivery and service teams, new owners might find the All Weather Protection Kit already on their vehicle when picking it up.

Priority for the new kit will be for Q4 deliveries. Existing owners can probably expect to be able to collect the kit early in the new year. No details have yet been provided on how existing owners can claim their kit, or why BC owners are not eligible. We have reached out to Tesla for comment and will update as we receive more information.

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