Tesla expands free All Weather Protection Kit offering to Model 3 owners in Europe

Tesla has begun emailing Model 3 owners in Europe a coupon code allowing them to purchase the All Weather Protection Kit free of charge.

According to the email, the offer is being sent to owners in “certain regions”, but it is unclear at this time what regions are included. There have so far been reports of the offer appearing in Germany and Austria, but no one has been able to claim the offer due to issues with the code provided.

Designed to help protect their vehicles from paint chips that can occur from heavy salt, sand, or gravel, the kit includes two sizes of mud and splash guards for the front wheels only.

Tesla offered a similar program in Canada in late 2019. Many Canadian owners began experiencing paint and rock chips on the rocker panels and rear doors, resulting in the automaker offering the kit for free to new and existing owners.

If you plan on going with the Tesla All Weather Protection Kit, it is recommended you install a strip of paint protection film (PPF) in the area where the mud flap touches the car. As you can see in the photo below, friction from the mud flaps can cause even more paint issues.

Model 3 paint mud flap
Image via @raffaeru /Twitter

Since Tesla’s kit also only includes coverage for the front wheels, we also recommend some aftermarket options like these which include coverage for all four wheels.

You can also take additional steps to protect your Model 3 (or Model Y) paint by installing this PPF rocker kit available from TesBros.

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