Tesla lowers price of Model 3 in China on eve first consumer deliveries

Earlier this week Tesla in China delivered the first made-in-China Model 3 vehicles to lucky employees in a ceremony at the new Gigafactory Shanghai (there was even a marriage proposal).

Recent reports suggest the first deliveries to consumers will happen next week on the anniversary of the Gigafactory groundbreaking, but before that happens Tesla has now lowered the price of the Model 3.

Previously priced at ¥355,800 ($66,300 CAD), the Model 3 has now been reduced to ¥323,800 ($60,300 CAD). When you take into account the EV subsidy available in China of ¥24,750 ($4,615 CAD), that bring the out-the-door price to ¥299,050 ($55,700 CAD).

Bringing the price down to below the ¥300,000 mark might not seem like much, but it is a significant psychological price point for Chinese consumers. With this news, we can expect a number of new orders to be placed in the coming days and weeks.

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