Tesla Model Y dimensions and other details emerge as first deliveries begin next week

The Tesla Model Y is just days away from the first deliveries, which are expected to begin in the US next week. But there are still some details about the upcoming electric SUV that are unknown, like height and weight dimensions.

But an anonymous tipster provided the following images to Tesmanian, showing us what might be the official dimensions of the Model Y, along with a few other details.


Here’s how the dimensions of the Model Y stack up against its little brother, the Model 3.

Model YModel 3
Overall Width including mirrors (inches)83.882.2
Overall Width including folded mirrors (inches)77.976.1
Overall Width excluding mirrors (inches)75.672.8
Overall Height (inches)6456.8

As expected, the Model Y is more than 7 inches taller than the Model 3, which will allow for much easier access into the cabin. The overall width when you include the mirrors folded out is pretty similar though, with the Model Y being just 1.6 inches wider.


The images also show the weights of the Long Range Dual Motor version of the Model Y, with a curb weight of 4,416lbs, a little less than 400lbs heavier than the same version of the Model 3, which weighs 4,072lb.

Tesla Model Y Weights

Another important detail in this chart is that it lists “Towing Capacity (if equipped)”. The Model Y has been spotted numerous times in on-road testing with the tow-hitch exposed. The bumpers on all of the prototypes spotted over the last several months have had a cover on the rear bumper. It is assumed that behind this cover will be a tow hitch on all Model Y’s.

If this chart is genuine, and it does appear to be, the wording leads us to believe that the tow hitch will not come standard on the Model Y.

Off-Road Assist

An interesting feature also shown in the images shared is a new one, called Off-Road Assist. Accessed in the same menu as Slip Start, the description describes how when the feature is turned on, settings are optimized for off-road performance, including adjustments to traction control. It also details that some safety features like Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and others might not be available.

Power Tailgate

One other feature that was confirmed last week, but is once again confirmed here is the Model Y will come with a power tailgate.

Tesla Model Y power tailgate

h/t [Tesmanian]

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