Red Tesla Model Y and red Model 3 face-off in parking lot, giving great size comparison

Red Model 3 and Model Y California

We might still be only weeks away from the first Tesla Model Y deliveries in the US, but that hasn’t slowed the number of sightings of the upcoming electric SUV.

Just last week, a black Model Y was spotted in both Sudbury and Quebec, looking like a typical winter-driven Canadian car.

In a slightly warmer climate, a red Model Y was spotted over the weekend in California by the owner of a red Model 3. The owner, JS Tesla on Twitter, was able to capture a great photo of the two red all-electric vehicles face to face, showing just how similar and different the two EV’s are.

While they might look very similar at first glance, this angle provides a great size comparison showing how much taller the big-sibling Model Y is compared to the Model 3.

Hopefully that larger profile leads to enough headroom to accommodate adult passengers in the third row of seating that would allow up to 7 passengers to fit in the Model Y.

The third row seating option won’t be available until 2021, and so far no one has had an in-depth look at what that final configuration will actually be like. What we have seen doesn’t look promising though.

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