Tesla begins customer 4680 Model Y deliveries, offers new variant to customers outside of Texas

Tesla has started customer deliveries of the all-new Model Y All-Wheel Drive (AWD) made at Giga Texas, just over two months after the first vehicles with the new 4680 battery cells were delivered to employees.

The delivery took place today, June 8 2022, and the lucky recipient was Spoken Reviews, who posted a video of his new car on YouTube. The video gives us a detailed look at the new car and it’s build quality, and for being one of the first cars built at the brand new factory (it was built in April), there were no panel gaps or other significant quality issues.

As expected, the made-in-Texas Model Y does come with the Parcel Shelf, and this particular vehicle also come with the Mobile Charger. The new owner also shows off the new carpeted areas near the door sills.

With the start of deliveries, Tesla has also started offering the new variant to customers outside of Texas for the first time. A few weeks ago the automaker sent emails to customers with existing reservations for the Long Range variant, offering to have an accelerated delivery within weeks if they switched to the new AWD variant.

The offer was only made to customers in Austin and other areas near the factory. That offer is now being made to customers as far away as Florida, as Drive Tesla reader Aaron received a text message today asking if he would like to take delivery “within weeks with the latest configuration built at Gigafactory Texas.”

Aaron tells us there were several Austin-made Model Ys for him to select from.

If you have received the same message from Tesla, let us know where you live in the comments below.

Here is the full review video of the Model Y Standard Range built in Austin.

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