Tesla raises Model 3 prices across Europe following tariffs, cuts Model 3/Y prices in Israel

Tesla has been forced to raise prices for the Model 3 sedan across much of Europe, after the European Union (EU) imposed new tariffs on electric vehicles (EVs) imported from China. At the same time, the automaker also substantially cut prices on the Model 3 and Model Y in Israel.

Model 3 Price Increases in Europe

Last month Tesla warned its customers in Europe that it may be forced to raise prices on the Model 3 in response to the EU’s decision to impose, what was at the time provisionally higher tariffs on EVs imported from China. In a message on its website, Tesla said the higher increases could come into effect after July 1, 2024.

With the tariffs now officially in place, Tesla’s hand has been forced and the automaker has raised Model 3 prices through much of Europe.

According to reports from users online, prices in Germany for all variants of the Model 3 increased by €1,500 (C$2,200). The same €1,500 price increase was reported in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and more.

The price increases only affected the Model 3. The Model Y was left untouched, as the electric SUV is produced at Giga Berlin and not imported from China.

Model 3 and Model Y Price Cuts in Israel

While Tesla increased prices throughout much of Europe, the company also signficantly cut prices in Israel. The entry-level Model 3 now costs NIS 198,000 (C$72,480), down NIS 14,000 (C$5,040), while the Model 3 Long Range (LR) is priced at NIS 228,700 (C$83,430), a decrease of NIS 13,000 (C$4,710). The Performance Model 3 remains unchanged.

The price cuts also impacted the Model Y. The entry-level version now costs NIS 219,000 (C$80,245), down NIS 17,000 (C$6,205), with the Long Range was reduced to NIS 256,000 (C$93,640), a decrease of NIS 26,000 (C$9,630). The Performance Model Y is now NIS 284,000 (C$103,910), down NIS 7,000 (C$ 2,640). (via Globes)

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