Detailer examines brand new Tesla Model Y to see if paint and quality issues have improved since the Model 3

Chicago Auto Pros Tesla Model Y featured

In the early days, and to some extent still today, one of the common complaints from new owners of the Tesla Model 3 was around paint and other quality issues with the car. Now that Tesla has released their next vehicle, the Model Y, one auto detailer took a close look at a brand new Model Y to see if those issues still remain.

Chicago Auto Pros got their hands on a Model Y with just 38 miles on the odometer. According to the detailer, the owner drove it directly from the delivery appointment to the shop, so any damage or issues on the car were likely to be from the manufacturing and or delivery stage.

Obviously no new car is going to be perfect, but they did find some paint and quality issues on this particular Model Y that were also around for the Model 3. The first is issues with the paint.

The detailer was able to find several dust nibs on the car, as well as evidence of other dust nibs being removed at the factory that weren’t properly polished out. Two of the remaining dust nibs on one of the doors were large enough that the entire door needed to be repainted.

Chicago Auto Pros Tesla Model Y

He was also able to find some paint beginning to peel up on the corner of the hood. If that issue wasn’t addressed early on, it could have lead to some much larger problems of paint peeling on the hood, and the potential for rust to develop.

Chicago Auto Pros Tesla Model Y peel

Other common issues like the carbon fibre spoiler not being fitted correctly on both sides, and some swirl marks were also found. As he points out in the video, it just takes one “bad” wash to introduce micro-scratches and swirl marks into the clear coat of any vehicle.

Check out the full video below to see if he was able to find any other big quality issues with this Model Y.

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