Here’s the Tesla Model Y power liftgate in action, and confirmation of wireless phone charger as standard [Video]

Earlier today we showed you a treasure trove of images of the interior and exterior of the Model Y from a delivery staging area in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With deliveries expected to begin tomorrow, more and more information is leaking about the electric SUV.

Last week we told you about confirmation that the Model Y will have a power liftgate as standard, but now we have our first video of it in action.

The video, taken by ur4_speed on Instagram, also shows us that as we posted on Twitter earlier today, the Model Y will also come standard with a wireless phone charger, which is a popular aftermarket accessory for the Model 3 (click here to save $10 on the Jeda Wireless Pad).

Compared with the aftermarket power liftgate for the Model 3, this factory setup is much quieter.

I’m sure tomorrow we’ll be flooded with images and videos showing us all of the details of the Model Y, as the lucky first customers take delivery. Canadians will have to wait a little longer, with the first deliveries expected mid-2020.

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