Red Tesla Model Y spotted driving out of Giga Texas [Video]

The paint shop at Giga Texas appears to be expanding its colour palette after the first red Model Y has been spotted driving out of the factory.

The chance sighting was captured by drone pilot Jeff Roberts (@peterdog15) on March 25, but not spotted until one of his viewers noticed it the next day.

Roberts just happened to have his camera trained on the south side of the factory as the red Model Y exited the same door that recently built Model Ys use to park in the holding lot.

Interestingly the Model Y doesn’t venture into the same parking lot, which now houses black, blue, and white Model Ys made at Giga Texas.

You can check out the video below, as well as the full drone flyover from March 25. The red Model Y appears at 11:00 in that video.

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