Model Y Standard Range in China gets updated specs, now the slowest car in Tesla’s lineup

Along with some website changes in North America last night, Tesla also updated the specs of the Model Y Standard Range in China.

Unfortunately, the updates were not an improvement, and the entry-level variant is now the slowest car in Tesla’s lineup, and by quite a margin.

According to the Design Studio, the electric SUV now accelerates from 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds. That is a 1.3 second difference from its previous time of 5.6 seconds.

Until now, the slowest car in Tesla’s lineup was the entry-level Model 3. Along with getting renamed to Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 last week, its 0-100km/h time was increased to 6.1 seconds.

That change was attributed to the car now having the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack, which is heavier than the current generation of batteries.

Since the Model Y SR in China already has the LFP battery pack, it is difficult to know why the acceleration has dropped so significantly.

Making it more perplexing is the fact the top speed of 217km/h stayed the same, indicating there hasn’t been a change in power output.

With the updated specs, there was no price change, but Tesla did update the range from 525km to 545km, but updated how it is measured, switching from NEDC to CLTC.


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