Long wait times reach China as Tesla Model Y Standard Range sells out until early 2022

While not as long as the wait times being experienced in North America, Chinese buyers wanting to purchase the Model Y Standard Range (SR) will have to wait until early 2022 to receive their new car.

In an update to the Design Studio, delivery estimates for the popular entry-level electric SUV have been pushed back from 6-10 weeks to 10-14 weeks.

That means anyone ordering today should expect to take delivery in the second half of January.



Delivery wait times for the Long Range (LR) variant remain at 6-10 weeks.

The Model Y Performance hasn’t launched yet, but deliveries are expected to begin soon.

Both of the existing variants of the electric SUV have proven popular in China. Earlier today we told you the Model Y was the best-selling luxury SUV in the month of October, even when compared against gas-powered counterparts.


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