Tesla releases Engineering From First Principles video about the Model Y

Tesla released a new video in what will hopefully become a series, Engineering From First Principles. This time, they chat about the Model Y. The video, which was released on the company’s YouTube channel, reviews what went into the design of the Model Y with Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy.

According to Moravy Tesla knew that people loved crossovers, and they decided to take that concept and blow it up. For instance, they wanted to add an off-road mode that increased torque where it was needed to get through rivers, bumps and rough terrain.

The video also touches on the rear casting. Tesla found that existing aluminum casting was not great as it would warp with heat treatment. So, Tesla created their alloy to achieve high levels of strength and durability without warping issues.

The goal for Tesla was to create a crossover that worked for everyone. Whether you were a family that needed the extra storage space or someone who wanted a sporty crossover, you got that with the Model Y.

This is a great little piece by Tesla to show off the Model Y and gain some insights from Moravay and his team on what goes into vehicle engineering at Tesla.

You can check out the full video below:

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