Tesla emails Model Y order hold outs to take delivery by December 2 or lose your spot in line

When you place an order for a new Tesla vehicle, your order agreement states you must take delivery within 30 days of your car being available before forfeiting your order.

Tesla does allow customers to place the delivery ‘on hold’, on the premise that you still plan to buy the car, but for whatever reason, it will be at a later date.

The policy has led to some owners sitting on a order for more than one year, something that is not ideal when Tesla is experience record demand and delivery wait times are extending out to almost a full year.

In an effort to get those customers to take action, the company has started emailing them saying they will lose their spot in line if they don’t take delivery by December 2, 2021.

The email, first shared on Reddit, does say that if they don’t take action, their order will be automatically cancelled, but the deposit will be refunded.

model y email
Credit: Reddit

It should be noted that this does not apply to customers who placed a pre-order for the Model Y before it was available.

In the case of the customer above, they have been holding on to their Model Y order since March 14, 2019, one day after the first Model Y delivery in the US.

It also doesn’t apply to those still holding on to reservations for the mythical Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive (LR RWD) variant.

While it is disappointing to these customers, some of whom were likely holding out on the hope that a new EV incentive would be announced soon in the US, Tesla needs to sell as many cars as they can to meet the ever-increasing demand.

At least they are offering to refund the deposit, something which they didn’t really have to do given the customer has already breached their order agreement.

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