Side-by-side performance comparison of AMD Ryzen and Intel Atom processors

Tesla quietly upgraded the Model Y Performance in China last week with a brand new AMD Ryzen processor, a piece of hardware that was previously limited to the refresh Model S and Model X.

We have already seen how the extra processing power makes scrolling on the in-car display extremely quick and smooth.

Now we have an in depth side-by-side comparison of just how much quicker the infotainment unit is in Model Y load compared to the previous generation Intel Atom processor in a Model 3.

The video, shared by 42How on Weibo, goes through several tests of launching and loading apps.

In the first test the Model Y takes just 4.18 seconds to load a video streaming service, while the Model 3 takes 17.12 seconds.

amd intel
Credit: 42How /Weibo

The results are similar for other tests, including improved performance even when scrolling around the map in the navigation service.

The blazingly fast chip gives the Model Y up to 10 teraflops of processing power, enough to rival the latest home gaming consoles like the Playstation 5. From these early performance tests, it looks like it will be able to handle any AAA gaming title thrown its way.

Now the big question is will the AMD Ryzen processor make it to other variants of the Model Y, and the Model 3?

You can check out a shortened version of the video below, or check out the full version on Weibo.

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