Gravity launching electric Yellow Taxis in New York City with fleet of Tesla Model Y’s

New York City’s iconic fleet of yellow taxis will be getting more electric options soon. Gravity, a sustainable mobility and electric vehicle infrastructure company has announced it plans to launch a fleet of Tesla Model Y’s this spring.

Without specifying how big the fleet will be, Gravity said the Model Y’s will be outfitted in the traditional yellow cab livery and pricing. Setting them apart from others, the vehicles will be available through on-demand booking, as well as the usual street-hailing method.

Gravity hailing
Image via Gravity

The announcement follows the unanimous approval earlier this week by the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) to launch a 1-year pilot project to further test EVs as yellow taxis.

What Gravity is bringing to New York City is beyond electric vehicles; these will be the taxis of the future, and the charging spaces of the future,” said Gravity CEO, Moshe Cohen. “We’ve found a pragmatic approach to sustainable transportation that’s focused on health, safety, and the passenger experience. Gravity is proud to have spearheaded a business model that’s made for people and provides for the technology needs of the modern commuter and BEV owner.  NY Yellow Taxis are an opportunity to make significant innovations in BEV fleets and public charging infrastructure, all while creating fair and incentive compatible working conditions for drivers.”

When the Model Y’s hit the streets, they will be equipped with 22″ interactive touchscreens for passengers. There will be a full suite of in-cabin media and applications to take advantage of the onboard Wi-Fi.

Gravity touchscreen
Image via Gravity

To ensure the safety of passengers, the company is also integrating artificial intelligence which “monitors and corrects driver behavior”. Additional night-vision enabled surround view cameras will be integrated with the Model Y’s advanced vehicle safety technology.

Gravity will also be building out the necessary charging infrastructure to support their fleet. The charging spots will also be available to the public from 16-24 hours per day.

These won’t be the only Model Y’s available for ride-hailing in NYC. Revel announced recently it was launching 50 Model Y’s that should begin operating in a limited area of the city this month.

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