New York City’s fleet of Tesla Model 3 yellow cabs is growing quickly

The first Tesla Model 3 joined New York City’s iconic fleet of yellow cabs in early November last year. Unfortunately that Model 3, driven by Rami, was involved in an accident last month that has taken it off the streets for repairs.

But the people of New York City can still hail a Tesla taxi. United Taxi Management (UTM), a company that operates its own fleet of yellow cabs in the city, has added at least four Model 3’s, and plans to add more in the future.

President of UTM Savas Tsitiridis shared photos of their impressive fleet on LinkedIn, also saying they have added an EV fast charger on-site.

These aren’t the only Model 3’s operating as yellow cabs in the Big Apple. Others have been spotted since November, with some adding decals to help passengers who may be unfamiliar with the unique door handles of the electric sedan.

In Canada there are several taxi companies that use Teslas and other EVs in their fleet. Current Taxi operates in Kelowna and Victoria, British Columbia with a fleet made up entirely of Model S, Model 3, and Model X vehicles.

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