Tesla owners in China to get access to vehicle data with newly developed platform

Tesla has announced it is creating a platform in China that will give owners access to data from their vehicles following intense scrutiny in recent weeks.

This development is likely the result of an accident involving a Model 3 that culminated with the owner jumping on the roof of a Model 3 at the Shanghai Auto Show last month. In that case the owner claimed her Model 3’s brakes malfunctioned with her father behind the wheel.

The protest went viral, leading to countless stories by Chinese media over quality concerns with the electric vehicles from Giga Shanghai. This is even though Tesla released data from the vehicle showing there was nothing wrong with the car, and that the active safety features in the car actually lessened the impact of the collision.

The automaker confirmed the development of the platform in a statement Tuesday (via Reuters), a move that would allow owners to have direct access to such data. They did not reveal any details about how the platform will work, when it will be released, or if it will be free.

Tesla made it a little easier to obtain data by launching an Event Data Resources page last month. It is not cheap though, with the required equipment priced at $1,200 USD.

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