Giga Texas Model Y to include Parcel Shelf and Cargo Hooks

After first introducing the Model Y Parcel Shelf at Giga Shanghai last year, and just recently adding it to the production line at Giga Berlin, Tesla has brought the highly requested accessory to North America.

During a recent drone flyover of Giga Texas by Brad Sloan, a white Model Y was spotted with its rear trunk open.

Even though the footage is taken from a distance, it is clear to see there is some equipment sitting on top of the Parcel Shelf, or the cargo cover as it is more commonly referred to.

UPDATE 7:50am PST: Joe Tegtmeyer has captured a much better image of the Giga Texas Model Y Parcel Shelf.

Tesla says the Parcel Shelf is intended to “conceal valuables, keep the sun away from groceries, or minimize noise from rustling objects.”

It is apparently also sturdy enough to serve as a…shelf.

That sturdiness means the accessory is not retractable, and instead features a foldable design with a magnetic mechanism that holds it in place, as seen in the video below.

Although we can’t see it in the video, the rear cargo area likely also features the new Cargo Hooks that were recently added to the owner’s manual.

Two hooks are located toward the front of the cargo area and two toward the back.

The hooks are designed to be used with lashing devices to secure loose objects in the cargo area.

You can watch the full drone flyover below, which will start at the Model Y pictured above.

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