Tesla Model Y cargo cover now standard out of Giga Shanghai [Update]

The Tesla Model Y has been on the market since March 2020, and has quickly become the best-selling electric SUVs in the world.

Tesla has now updated the interior design slightly to include a highly requested feature from owners – a retractable cargo cover.

The updated design was discovered on a Model Y made at Giga Shanghai that was destined for delivery in Hong Kong later this month. Based on a photo shared by EVOffer, the cargo area of the rear trunk now features a ledge for the cover to sit on.

Unfortunately they did not have the cargo cover itself, but said they will be posting a demo of the cover when they receive it.

model y cargo cover Image via @EVOffer_HK /Twitter

UPDATE Nov 13 9:06pm PST: Here is the first look at the cargo cover in action. It isn’t really retractable, but more foldable, which is a little disappointing.

According to EVOffer, the feature isn’t just for newly built cars. Tesla will reportedly also be offering it as a free retrofit to all existing owners.

This is possible because it appears it would simply be a replacement of the two panels on either side of the trunk area.

Since this new design feature is coming out of Giga Shanghai first, it will likely make its way to Fremont for North American Model Y cars in the next few months.

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