Giga Texas gets closer to production as insider video shows factory floor packed with Model Y castings

According to the last update from Tesla in their Q2 2021 update, the automaker is still planning to begin production at their factory in Austin, Texas later this year. Production will initially begin with the Model Y with new front and rear castings, but without the new 4680 cells, before adding the Cybertruck production line later next year.

We have already seen a leaked photo of one of the first pre-production Model Y vehicles built at Giga Texas. Now a leaked video from inside the factory shows the multiple Giga Press machines at the factory have been hard at work.

The short 11-second video was posted to Snapchat yesterday and later shared to Twitter, and shows a section of the factory packed with hundreds if not thousands of what appears to be front and rear castings for Model Y.

Given the sheer volume of castings, it is clear that Tesla is gearing up to launch production later this year.

Thanks to the multiple drone operators that fly over the construction site on a daily basis, we know there are three 6,000 ton IDRA Giga Press machines installed at the new factory. That is already more Tesla’s other factory in Fremont, which currently has two of the casting machines.

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