Giga Texas Tesla Model Y spotted at public Supercharger

For the first time a Tesla Model Y made at Giga Texas has been spotted plugged in at a public Supercharger station.

In fact, there were two Austin-made Model Ys spotted by @SurTsla at the Supercharger in Round Rock, Texas.

Photos shared of one of the Model Ys show it was manufactured one month ago today on February 21, 2022, and according to the VIN (7SAYGDEE8NA000508) was the 508th vehicle off the production line.

This gives us a good idea of the volume of cars that Tesla has produced ahead of receiving final certification for the electric SUV.

The Twitter user said both vehicles had Texas manufacturer license plates and were being used by Tesla Energy employees.

Unfortunately the sighting did not give us any information about what battery these Model Ys were produced with.

Tesla has previously said that Model Ys made at Giga Texas will feature structural battery packs and 4680 cells, but a recent addition to the EPA website suggests they might also be making them with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs.

While we are still waiting for Giga Texas to get the green light to begin production, Tesla’s other new factory, Giga Berlin, is set to host a grand opening party tomorrow.

Elon Musk arrived in Germany earlier this morning, and will be in attendance tomorrow to hand over the first 30 Model Y Performance SUVs to the new owners.

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