Giga Berlin has built hundreds of Model Ys as Tesla waits for final approvals

Tesla is still waiting for the final approvals from government officials to begin production at Giga Berlin, even though construction began more than one year ago and the factory is nearly complete

The good news is Tesla has not been sitting idly by while they wait.

According to information coming out of Germany, the automaker has been fine tuning their production lines and has already built more than 240 Model Ys at the new factory.

Pre-production Tesla Model Ys spotted outside Giga Berlin

The information comes from a source who spoke with Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt, who said the vehicles are being used for a variety of purposes.

“Some of the cars are for crash tests, weather toughness and watertightness stuff (for example in Norway) and some are for testing the recycling processes in the factory. Some of those already built are being used for internal transportation inside the factory.”

The source also revealed more information about specific details of the Model Ys that will be built at Giga Berlin.

After several delays, Tesla was hoping to get the green light to begin production this month. As we get closer to the end of the year, this is beginning to look less and less likely.

However, when that final approval comes Tesla is ready to fire up the production lines and could begin delivering cars in as little as two weeks, Merritt said.

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