Pre-production Tesla Model Ys spotted outside Giga Berlin

In the latest sign that Giga Berlin is ready to begin production as soon as it receives final approval to do so, what appears to be two newly built Model Ys were recently spotted outside the factory in Germany.

A black Model Y was spotted by drone operator Tobias Lindh, sporting the 19″ Gemini wheels and a Dual Motor badge on the trunk indicating this is a Long Range (LR) variant.

The Model Y did not have a license plate, and had clearly been driven on the dirt test track just a few meters away from where it was parked.

Lindh was able to get his drone quite close to this vehicle, given us a great look at the Giga Berlin build quality. Given that the factory is still in pre-production, the quality appears to be quite good with no large panel gaps or other quality issues visible.

There was also another Model Y parked on the test track, but it was hidden away under a Tesla car cover. Fortunately for us, it wasn’t covered fully, giving us a glimpse of the 20″ Induction wheels underneath.

This latest sighting builds on another from last week where three Model Ys were seen driving out of Giga Berlin. Those vehicles also headed to the temporary track, and performed a series of high speed runs to test out their performance.

All of these signs are a good indication that once Tesla finally receives approval to begin production, they will be able to hit the ground running and hopefully delivery the first made-in-Germany cars early next year.

You can watch the full flyover of the factory below, with the Model Ys appearing around the 6 minute mark.

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