Right-hand drive Tesla Model Ys arrive in the UK

Yesterday we told you that customers with Model Y orders in the United Kingdom (UK) were seeing changes in their accounts that told them to prepare for delivery.

It looks like those first deliveries could happen sooner than we thought as the first right-hand drive (RHD) Model Ys have been spotted in the UK.

The first ones were seen by Drew Post, who shared pictures of a Midnight Silver Metallic Model Y and another Deep Blue Metallic Model Y at the Thorpe Park Tesla location.

According to Post, the pictures were taken yesterday but he was asked not to share them until today, the first day test drives are being offered in the UK.

Another Midnight Silver Model Y and Red Multi-Coat Model Y were also spotted by Nicholas at a different, undisclosed location. The photos were shared by the Tesla Owners UK Twitter account.



As expected, all of the Model Ys had VINs from Giga Shanghai. They were unable to confirm if these cars had the updated features like the new AMD Ryzen processor and 12V Li-Ion battery.

Those features were added to Giga Shanghai’s production lines in early December, so it is unlikely they do due to when these cars would have been exported out of China in order for them to arrive in the UK this week.

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