City of Hallandale Beach Police Department adds fleet of 13 Tesla Model Y cruisers

The City of Hallandale Beach in Florida is going green with a purchase of 13 Tesla Model Y SUVs for the city’s police department. Despite the higher sticker price when compared to their traditional gas-powered cars, the city expects the fleet of Teslas to save them money in the long term.

According to a press release by the City of Hallandale, only one of the Model Ys will be used as a daily patrol vehicle. The lone Model Y will be a test vehicle to see if the department should add more electric patrol cars.

The other 12 will be used by detectives.

“With this purchase, we’re taking a step into the future of Hallandale Beach, which is sustainable both financially and environmentally. We’re thrilled to be rolling out the largest deployment of electric Police Vehicles in the state of Florida – we believe the largest deployment in the United States, and to get these EVs on the road.” said City Manager Dr. Jeremy Earle.

The city cited a number of reasons for picking Tesla, but the main reason was financial. According to their estimates they expect to spend about $2,750 in electricity costs, compared to $12,000 for an internal combustion engine patrol car.

They are also expecting more money to come their way when they auction them off after they have reached their end of life with the police department. The city estimates each Model Y will be 1.8 times more valuable than their gas cruisers.

“These Tesla Police Vehicles represent a win-win-win for our police officers, for the City’s residents, and for the environment. Our officers are getting an ideal vehicle for their work. Our residents are saving money over traditional Police Vehicles and can be proud that Hallandale Beach is one of the first Police Departments in the Country to go electric. And finally, as a beach community directly affected by rising sea levels, these cars will reduce the City’s contribution to climate change.” said Vice Mayor Butler.

The purchase also included 49 hybrid vehicles and is part of the city’s 50 for 30 Climate Action Plan, which seeks to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.

With the purchase of the electric and hybrid vehicles they expect to reduce their fleet emissions by approximately 600 metrics tons annually, or the equivalent to 117 homes worth of annual electricity each year.

Despite all of the above, local residents were not as excited about the purchase. The city’s Facebook post announcing the purchase is littered with comments condemning the purchase as a waste of taxpayer money.

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