Test rides shows off insane Tesla Model S Plaid acceleration [Videos]

We have all known for some time now that the Model S Plaid was going to be the world’s fastest production car ever made. But it is one thing to see the stats on Tesla’s website, and another to experience a sub-2 second 0-60mph acceleration first hand.

That is what the lucky attendees at tonight’s special delivery event were able to experience, and fortunately they shared a number of videos of the test rides.

The test rides took place on the straight of Fremont’s test track, with a light setup to amplify the sensation of the insane acceleration, similar to what was seen at the Roadster unveil.

We also got to see the new Plaid animation on the instrument cluster screen, a tip of the hat to the movie Spaceballs from where Plaid mode orginated.

Here are some of the best videos we have come across so far, both from inside the car and out. Keep checking back as we will add more as we find them.





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