Tesla shuts off orders for Model S Plaid+ in Canada

Model S Plaid+

Just over one week ago Tesla updated the Design Studio in the US to stop taking orders for the Model S Plaid+.

At the time customers in Canada could still place an order for $199,990, but not anymore. In another update to the website this morning, Tesla has also stopped taking orders and greyed out the order button for the Plaid+ in Canada.

Plaid+ Design Studio

According to the Design Studio, the Plaid+ will still be available in mid-2022.

While the company made no official announcement about the decision to stop taking orders, it is believed to have been done to move buyers to the Plaid variant, which will begin deliveries next week.

When it is released, the Plaid+ will be the fastest production car ever made. Its numbers will top the Plaid variant, which will have a sub 2 second 0-60mph time and complete the quarter mile in just 9.23 seconds.

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