Tesla launches brake pad and caliper upgrade for Model S/X refresh owners


Tesla has launched a new upgrade package for owners of the Model S and Model X refresh. The upgrade package includes new brake ads and brake calipers, depending on when your car was built and what variant it is.

The first upgrade is for all owners of the Model S and Model X refresh, which was first launched in mid-2021, and is a new higher thermal capacity (HTC) brake pad kit. According to communication from Tesla this upgrade kit will give owners “updated brake pads [that] provide better pedal feel, braking predictability, and slower brake fade onset.”

Here is the price for the Higher Thermal Capacity Brake Pad Kit for Canada, the US, and Mexico. We have heard of the package being made available to owners in Europe as well, but we have only been able to obtain North American pricing thus far.

  • Canada – $955
  • US – $750
  • Mexico – $12,760

The other upgrade is exclusive to Model S and Model X Plaid owners, but only those with black brake calipers. When Tesla first launched the S/X refresh, the Plaid variant came with black brake calipers, instead of the signature red calipers that have come on Tesla’s high-end performance vehicles. This changed in January 2023 when the Fremont factory switched their production lines to include red calipers.

If you are one of those owners who have the black calipers, you can now upgrade to red calipers, but you also have to get the HTC brake pads from the package above.

Adding the calipers significantly increases the price:

  • Canada – $3,580
  • US – $2,700
  • Mexico – $45,950

Tesla announced these upgrades through an email to existing owners, sharing images of the new pads and calipers.

This package is of course different than the Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit that finally launched for Plaid owners earlier this year, which comes in at a much higher price.

If any of our readers in Europe have pricing for these packages, please let us know in the comments below or email us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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