Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries to begin June 3 with a special event at Fremont factory

The long wait is finally over. Tesla will begin deliveries of the refresh Model S in just two weeks, kicking them off with the Plaid variant first.

Since it is the fastest production car ever, Tesla has something special planned and will hand over the first vehicles during a delivery event at the Fremont factory on June 3. CEO Elon Musk announced the special event early this morning on Twitter.

Interestingly he makes no mention of the Long Range (LR) variant, which everyone expected to deliver ahead of the faster Plaid variant.

These first deliveries will be about four months overdue. Tesla initially shut down the Model S/X production lines in December, and planned a three week overhaul to retool the lines for the new design.

As we all now know, that shutdown extended far past the initial timeline. Even when production did begin, rumoured supply chain issues meant the cars were being built, but with not all the pieces in them.

These first deliveries will come a few weeks after the Model S Plaid set a new record for the fastest quarter-mile time of any production car. The record was set earlier this month in Bakersfield, California, clocking a best time of 9.23 seconds. Many questions have been asked since we reported exclusively on the time, and we can confirm it was a completely stock Model S Plaid, including tires.

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