Tesla Parts Catalog reveals Zero-G wheel package coming soon to Model S Plaid

Model S Plaid Zero G
Image via Tesla

If either the stock 19″ Tempest wheels or upgraded 21″ Arachnid wheels on the new Model S aren’t your style, it looks like you will soon have another official option from Tesla.

According to the official Parts Catalog, the automaker will soon be selling staggered 20″ Zero-G wheels for the electric sedan. The new wheels were discovered by Zack (@BLKMDL3), who noted the massive 285/305 tires that come along with new wheels.

The parts catalog does not list what the package might sell for, but it does list a unit price of $180 USD for a rear Zero-G wheel. Interestingly no price was listed for the front wheel.

Don’t expect them to be available at the price though. Tesla first introduced the 20″ Zero-G wheels last year for the Model 3 as part of an optional Track Package. For a cool $7,200 CAD ($5,500 USD) Performance Model 3 owners could get the new wheels along with front and rear high-performance brake pads.

The wheels were also offered as a referral prize for owners who met the requirements of the program when it was run in 2019.

Tesla track package wheels


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