Tesla officially releases a new Track Mode V2 and Track Package with new 20” Performance wheels

Tesla track package wheels

There were rumours over the weekend that Tesla was going to be announcing something big on Monday. Today those rumours were confirmed as Tesla quietly updated their website to include two new upgrades – Ludicrous Mode and a Track Package, both exclusively for the Performance Model 3.

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Listed in the online Tesla Shop, the track package is a hardware only package designed only for the Model 3 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive with the Performance Upgrade.

As stated on the product page, the package is “designed to give you maximum cornering force, braking performance and high-speed stability for the best lap times.” Included with the hefty purchase price of $7,200 CAD ($5,500 USD) is “track-focused” brake fluid, high performance brake pads, and all-new 20” Zero-G Performance Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

These are the same wheels that were previously thought to be the new wheels as part of the Tesla referral program. Tesla expects the first shipments to begin next month.

As part of the release of this track package, Tesla will also soon be releasing a new Track Mode V2. This update will be coming to all Performance Model 3’s as a free over-the-air (OTA) update soon.

With the update, drivers will now be able to see the g-force through corners, as well as the temperature of the tires, motors and battery pack. You will also be able to track your acceleration and braking stats, along with video of your laps that you can analyze after your track session.

You will also be able to adjust the balance of the car to favour a full rear-wheel drive layout, how much traction control you want to enable, and how much regenerative braking the car has.

Check out the videos below for more on Tesla’s new Track Mode V2.

Here is the full Tesla product description:

Optimize the track performance of your Performance Upgrade Model 3. Track Package is a complete hardware package designed to give you maximum cornering force, braking performance and high-speed stability for the best lap times.

This upgrade includes track-focused brake fluid, high-performance brake pads and 20″ Zero-G Performance Wheels to maximize your overall track experience. Note that high-performance wheels and tires may affect your range.

*This package is only compatible with Model 3 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive with the Performance Upgrade


· 4 x 20″ X 9″ Zero-G Performance wheels
· 4 x Tesla logo center caps
· 20 x Lug nut covers
· 4 x 245/35ZR20 XL Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires
· 4 x tire pressure sensors
· 1 x front and rear high-performance brake pads
· 1 x track-focused brake fluid

Price includes installation and shipping to your selected Service Center. We’ll contact you to schedule your installation when we begin shipments. Appointments for installation cannot be self-scheduled at this time and will be canceled or adjusted appropriately.

We estimate shipments of Track Pack will begin in April 2020.

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