New wheels options added for your car’s avatar in 2020.24.6.1 software update

When the Tesla Model 3 was first released, it came with two wheel options, the Aero wheels and the Sport/Performance wheels, both of which would show up on the avatar of your car on the in-car display and the mobile app.

But there was a third option that has never been available to display – the Aero wheels without the covers.

Despite not being in the release notes for 2020.24.6.1, Tesla has added two new wheel options to customize you avatar to match the look of your vehicle.

The first is one that has been requested by many owners – the Aero wheels with the covers removed. This really should have come as standard before, since many owners prefer the look without them, with some even removing them at delivery.

Interestingly, the update doesn’t appear to be complete just yet, because the avatar in your mobile app has no wheels at all now. Either that, or Tesla thinks you live in a really bad part of town.

Tesla Model 3 avatar without aero covers missing
Images via @ElonsBrain/Twitter

The other new option is for the recently released Zero-G wheels which were given to winners from a previous referral program. Again, the update for these is incomplete as well, but at least your car has wheels this time in the mobile app.

Images via @TesLatino/Twitter

To access the new wheel options, go to your ‘Service’ menu, then ‘Wheel configuration’.Tesla wheel configuration menu

As of yet, there are no wheel updates available for the Model Y as the wheel configuration menu is still missing from the software in the electric SUV. We expect that to be released soon, giving owners the option to remove the Gemini wheel caps, as it is already available through this workaround.

Tesla Model Y visualization with Geminis
Image courtesy Kevin B.
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