Plug&Charge payment technology rolled out to Electrify Canada EV charging network

Electrify Canada has announced today the introduction of Plug&Charge payment technology to its network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Plug&Charge allows owners with compatible EVs to simply pull up and plug in. No longer will you have to worry about pulling out your wallet or smartphone to pay for the charging session.

To take advantage of the system, drivers of Plug&Charge capable vehicles must register an account online and add a payment method. When complete you are ready for a simplified charging experience where the charger communicates directly with the vehicle to identify, authenticate, and charge the owner’s account.

The Plug&Charge feature is enabled by advanced vehicle-to-grid communication technology that utilizes encrypted security measures. It follows the ISO 15118 standard, an international standard that outlines the secured communication protocol that an EV and charging station should use to recharge the EV’s battery. It enables simplified charging functionality for the most prevalent EV charging connector type, called the Combined Charging System (CCS).

Currently only the 2021 Porsche Taycan is equipped with the feature, but the company expects other Plug&Charge capable EVs to add the feature later this year.

The new payment system is now available on all Electrify Canada stations across Canada.

Electrify Canada map

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