Tesla Model S/X delivery timelines slip even further into 2022

Customers sitting on the sidelines and deciding where to click the order button for a refresh Tesla Model S or Model X are probably regretting that decision. Delivery timelines for both variants of the vehicles have slipped further into 2022 with the longest potential wait now sitting at up to 9 months.

According to the Design Studio in both Canada and the US, new orders for the Long Range (LR) Model S are expected to arrive in March-April 2022.

The same is true for the LR and Plaid Model X, both of which are also now estimated to arrive in March-April 2022 (h/t @kkvr2823).

The new estimated delivery dates are a shift from the previous timeline provided by Tesla of February-March, a change that took place just one week ago.

As always, no explanation is provided for the change, but it is safe to assume it is likely a combination of factors. The obvious reason is increased demand for the newly designed vehicles, something which is especially the case for the Model X which has not yet seen a new delivery since the production line was shut down in December.

It is not just the Model S and Model X which are seeing lengthy delivery waits in Canada and the US. Tesla has almost sold out their entire Q4 supply of Model Y with deliveries for new orders not expected until December. All this while the automaker still firmly entrenched in the third quarter.

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