Tesla Model S Plaid gets big price bump 24 hours before official introduction, Model Y price also increased

The Tesla Model S Plaid has seen its price increase substantially just 24 hours before the official delivery event at Fremont tomorrow night. Not to be left out of the party, the Model Y also saw a price change, although much more modest than its big brother.

Model S Plaid Price Increase

New buyers will have to pay an extra $10,000 USD tonight, pushing the starting price of the world’s fastest production car to $129,990 USD ($157,490 CAD).

Interestingly there has been no price change for Canadian orders, as it is still priced at $159,990. That fixes something that many Tesla fans have complained about, putting the price of the car within $2,000 of the price in the U.S. when taking the exchange rate into account.

Model Y Price Increase

For the sixth time in a row, Tesla has increased the price of the Long Range (LR) Model Y in the U.S., increasing it by another $500. With this latest price increase it is now more than $3,000 more expensive than it was earlier this year.

Model Y prices in Canada have remained unchanged, getting the LR variant closer to parity with Canadian pricing. The LR Model Y is now just $6,000 cheaper in the U.S. when converting.

  • Long Range – $51,990 to $52,490 (+$500)
  • Performance – $60,990 (no change)

What has changed in Canada is delivery estimates for the LR Model Y. The online Design Studio is now showing that new orders placed today will only arrive in September. It is unknown at this time why there is such a large delay. The Performance variant will arrive within 2-10 weeks according to the website.

Model Y dates

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