Tesla Model 3 Long Range out of stock in Korea

According to an update to the Tesla Korea website, the Long Range Model 3 is out of stock due to inventory shortages. In an unusual move, the automaker has disabled the order button for the variant on its website.

The Standard Range Plus (SR+) and Performance Model 3s are still available.

Korea Model 3

Tesla Korea did not confirm when the LR Model 3 will be available again in the country.

In the Korean market, the LR Model 3 is by far the preferred variant. In the first half of 2021, Tesla delivered 6,275 Model 3s, with 87% of them being the LR version.

Tesla does not have a local facility for the Korean market. Instead, Tesla ships vehicles from their Fremont factory to Korea. Earlier this year, the first Model Y’s destined for South Korea were spotted at Tesla’s shipping port in San Francisco.

South Korea isn’t the only country in the region where Tesla is seeing record demand. In Japan, waits are between 12-16 weeks for a LR Model 3, according to the Korea JoongAng Daily.

In Canada and the US, orders placed for the LR Model 3 won’t be delivered until November.

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